Carriers, Shippers, and 3PLs

One-stop shop for fleet efficiency, compliance and productivity.

From shippers to drivers, to 3PLs, to motor carriers of all sizes, Trimble Maps delivers the industry standard truck-specific routing, mileage, mapping and navigation solutions that power the entire supply chain.

  • Generate accurate ETAs that take into account HOS breaks and real-time conditions, ensuring efficient asset utilization and increased productivity
  • Establish true cost and reduce non-revenue mileage with comprehensive planning tools
  • Ensure fleet-wide safety and compliance for improved driver satisfaction and retention
  • Improve driver safety and reduce distraction with safe, reliable truck-legal guidance throughout the planned route
  • Boost route compliance by monitoring driver adherence to the planned route in real-time and post-trip for deeper analysis and driver coaching
CoPilot Truck
  • Build dispatch and asset tracking applications with the industry's only commercial map visualization platform
  • Display real-time traffic and weather overlays to identify potential impacts for enhanced route planning and improved customer service
Trimble Maps Development Platform

Professional Drivers

Mobile and web solutions to plan better, drive safer, and earn more.

  • Increase revenue mileage by easily plugging in pickup, delivery, and Hours of Service breaks and stop locations
  • Quickly view your planned routes with total miles and cost
  • Improve customer service and hit delivery windows with live traffic and weather
Professional Driver Solutions

Postal, Parcel & Courier

Efficient and strategic planning throughout the delivery process.

With our integrated mobile navigation, advanced route optimization technology and back office map visualization tools, companies have a powerful set of tools to maintain an edge in this highly competitive industry.

  • Significantly reduce operational costs with a higher rate of first time delivery success
  • Provide customers advanced notice of delivery—right down to the hour—for superior customer service
  • Reduce driver training to productivity time from weeks to days
CoPilot Professional
  • Monitor fleet wide activity in real-time to make informed daily decisions from the back office
  • Gain insight into driver performance and variances in routing efficiency for future strategic planning
Trimble Maps Development Platform


Mobile workforce productivity even in remote locations.

The combination of our integrated mobile navigation, advanced route optimization technology and back office map visualization tools provides companies in the Utilities sector the tools to effectively manage and maintain productivity of remote workers with pin-point accuracy.

  • Optimize scheduling of a day's planned jobsites or locations to find the most efficient route between appointments, ensuring all jobs are performed
  • Utilize lat/long coordinates to get your mobile workers as close as possible to the location, even in extremely remote areas
CoPilot Professional
  • Monitor the progress of mobile workers from the back office to understand if field personnel are on or behind schedule
  • Quickly locate the closest engineer to deploy in the case of an emergency
Trimble Maps Development Platform

Oil & Gas

Industry-critical solutions to operate safely and efficiently in the patch.

Making accurate and safe decisions in the patch requires a unique set of solutions. Our routing, mileage and navigation solutions are all built from the most detailed off-road mapping service available in North America today.

  • Generate precise mileage and distance using oil and gas lease roads for accurate billing
  • Calculate accurate travel times to and from wells, from well to well or from the public to private road network
  • Improve driver safety and productivity with oil and gas field mapping, critical for off-road details
  • Reduce out-of-route mileage and costs with route calculation specific to operating in the patch
CoPilot Truck

Field Service

Smart job scheduling to keep productivity and customer service high.

With our integrated mobile navigation, advanced route optimization technology and back office map visualization tools, companies have a powerful set of tools to meet the daily challenges of managing a mobile workforce and delivering superior customer service.

  • Leverage real-time field information such as current location and ETA at the next appointment for improved productivity and customer service
  • Automate optimization of job schedules for efficient routing and increased field service technician confidence
CoPilot Professional
  • Quickly locate and visualize real-time status of vehicles and assets out in the field for improved efficiency throughout the organization
  • Utilize intelligent traffic and weather data to adjust field service schedules' ETAs in advance of travel or while in transit
Trimble Maps Development Platform

Emergency Services

Route efficiency and reliability when every second counts.

A fast response time and reliability are crucial in Emergency Services and our highly customizable mobile navigation solution is the trusted choice to meet the needs of police, fire and medical emergencies.

  • Calculate highly accurate ETAs based on travel at high speeds
  • Improve back office control and routing efficiency with Dispatch integration
  • Gain greater visibility of vehicles and their locations to provide reassurance to those in need
CoPilot Professional

Food & Beverage Delivery

Deliveries on-time, every-time for exceptional customer service.

When missing a scheduled delivery time is not an option for your business and competition is fierce, you need a powerful combination of navigation, route optimization and back office visualization tools to succeed and grow your customer base.

  • Improve driver efficiency with powerful multi-stop routing proven to reduce out-of-route miles
  • Achieve smaller, accurate time window deliveries that take into account agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for exceptional customer service and reliability
CoPilot Professional
  • Ensure pressure-sensitive goods are delivered safely and undamaged with elevation routing
  • Locate vehicles and assets in the field in real-time as well as monitor job status for improved customer service
Trimble Maps Development Platform


Keeping your assets efficient and safe on and off the jobsite.

With safety at the top of your list of priorities, our industry standard commercial vehicle routing and visualization tools provide the confidence that your heavy-duty vehicles are operating safely, resulting in lower operational costs and improved productivity.

  • Save valuable time reaching a jobsite with highly accurate routing that factors in real-time road conditions
  • Ensure your heavy-duty vehicles are safe and on the appropriate roads
CoPilot Truck
  • Monitor heavy-duty equipment and asset locations in real-time for accurate time estimates and planning
  • Gain instant knowledge of equipment or assets leaving a specified geo-fenced region
Trimble Maps Development Platform


Safe transportation and close monitoring for increased security.

Increase the safety and security of your entire fleet while ensuring drivers are operating efficiently with our in-cab navigation and dynamic back office visualization tools.

  • Provide your drivers accurate guidance that takes into account restrictions for their vehicle size as well as current traffic conditions, letting them focus on the road
  • Improve driver adoption and overall safety with a familiar, driver friendly solution designed to reduce distraction
  • Track vehicle locations in real-time to ensure routes are being followed and students arrive on time
  • Quickly re-route vehicles or send support if a maintenance issue or emergency arises


Smart planning and production for your farming operations.

Leverage our reliable in-cab navigation and advanced map visualization tools to keep productivity levels high and planning precise.

  • Provide safe and reliable navigation for moving vehicles and equipment from farm to farm or field to field, over public roads
  • Geocode preferred locations within your field to navigate your vehicles and equipment precisely where they need to go
CoPilot Truck
  • Display live weather conditions and radar data to gauge potential impacts for better planning
  • View vehicles or equipment that lie within or outside a designated area or highlight specific spaces within the farm, such as crop locations, with boundary polygons
Trimble Maps Development Platform


Comprehensive point to point railway operations for productivity and profitability.

With over 240,000 miles of rail line and 49,000 active freight stations, get on the right track for rail routing, rating, and reporting. Intermodal businesses can leverage one system to plan routes on both rail and road networks to streamline business operations and planning.

  • Generate routes and mileage for rate determination and negotiation, equipment management, rail car mileage auditing, and carrier selection
  • Install on local desktop and network servers or easily integrate within web-based TMS or planning applications
  • Visualize rail routes, rail locations, and SPLCs on high quality maps or build your own mapping applications with Rail data
Trimble Maps Development Platform

Consumer Drivers

Get the powerful navigation professional fleets trust, guiding your way, every day.

With intelligent traffic, smart routing and a unique safety inspired design , you’ll navigate the road with confidence with this powerful app.

  • Reliable offline navigation with maps stored directly on your device
  • Real-time traffic for accurate ETAs and automatic re-routing around delays
  • Comprehensive multi-stop trip planning for wherever your drive takes you
  • Perfect for travelers, road warriors and RVers - available on any app store today