Maximize revenues and minimize costs with safe, cost-effective routing for your vehicles and shipments

  • Industry standard truck-specific routing, mileage and mapping for Light, Medium and Heavy Duty vehicles
  • Easily integrate with leading fuel optimization, routing & scheduling, transportation and supply chain management systems for complete customization and standardization across your entire business
  • Reduce out-of-route mileage saving money, time, toll and fuel costs
  • Maximize overall drive time with a built in HOS Manager to easily factor breaks and stops into your route plan
  • Support both a global and intermodal business with Worldwide and Rail map data
  • Establishing a PC*MILER true cost rating builds better relationships and results in more successful negotiations while providing operational consistency
  • Unique capability to send planned routes direct to the driver to follow, ensuring true route compliance

Provide superior customer service and control transportation spend with an end-to-end routing, dispatch, visibility and analytics solution

TMW Appian FinalMile is now a part of Trimble Maps
Appian Screenshot
  • Optimally plan and model networks with dynamic routing functionally to right size your fleet, accurately bid on new business, or audit transportation costs
  • Build fixed route schedules and run “what-if” scenarios to ensure efficient operations
  • Efficiently manage daily route changes and last minute orders with robust decision support
  • Dispatch routes, track real-time progress with dynamic ETAs, and view planned vs. actual performance to get ahead of service failures
  • Provide superior customer service with updated delivery status information
  • Analyze resource utilization, average service times, route profitability, and driver and delivery performance for process improvement and savings
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Empower your drivers with highly accurate GPS navigation designed to keep them safe and compliant on the road

CoPilot Truck
  • Improve driver safety and satisfaction by providing safe and reliable guidance throughout the planned route
  • Reduce risk of costly bridge strikes and collisions with truck-legal routing
  • Lower fuel costs by reducing out-of-route mileage by 7-10% on average
  • Maximize fleet-wide productivity with streamlined communication between the back office and the cab
  • Boost route compliance by monitoring drivers adherence to the planned route in real-time and post-trip for deeper analysis and coaching
  • Improve driver retention & recruiting by providing drivers an effective yet easy to use tool to succeed in their job
  • Enhance customer service and on-time delivery with precise, dynamic ETAs
MileOn by PC*MILER

Get more out of your miles with the hours of service trip planning app made for truck drivers

MileOn running on a smartphone
  • Take the guesswork out and start planning trips with PC*MILER commercial routing & costs
  • Avoid Hours of Service violations and easily plug in your pickup, delivery with any hours of service breaks in between
  • Improve customer service & hit delivery windows by knowing what lies ahead with live traffic & weather
  • Stop where you want to, when you need to at truck stops with the amenities you want
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Improve efficiency and productivity for your entire mobile workforce with integrated navigation and advanced route optimization

CoPilot Professional
  • Leverage turn-by-turn navigation, route optimization and offline mapping to make intelligent business decisions based on historic and real-time activity in the field and on site
  • Designed specifically for mobile workers with a non-distracting navigation experience to improve driver safety
  • Monitor current driver location, next appointment and ETA on demand for improved driver performance and efficiency
  • Seamless integration with other field service, proof-of-delivery and mobile workflow applications on the device
  • Over 250 API function calls to pass information between applications
  • Connect to back office scheduling, planning or information systems
  • Cut substantial costs with maps stored on-board the device to prevent consumption of expensive data

Trimble Maps Platform

ALK Maps is now part of our new development platform

Build dynamic asset and route visualization applications with our customizable mapping platform

Trimble Maps
  • View location information on high quality maps
  • Global, street-level routing and route visualization
  • Traffic, radar, and weather alert display
  • Precise geocoding with high quality satellite imagery
  • Easy integration for fast, flexible deployments on web, mobile, or desktop applications
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CoPilot Navigation

Join the millions of drivers worldwide relying on CoPilot's mobile navigation apps to guide their way

CoPilot on smartphone and tablet
  • Dependable Offline Navigation
  • Clear-Accurate Guidance
  • Smart Route Planning
  • Powerful Real-Time Traffic
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