Desktop & Server Solutions

Leverage your existing infrastructure and hardware investment by installing our software locally or in a network server environment.

  • No need to worry about firewall restrictions, gain complete control of your data, security and processes
  • Interact through thread-safe Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and access the features of choice for complete customization
  • Interface with third-party and custom systems, such as transportation and logistics management software systems in the same operating system

Mobile Solutions

Accelerate your business with our industry leading, innovative cross-platform mobile solutions supporting a wide range of devices.

  • Gain competitive edge by delivering your users' an unparalleled mobile experience
  • Provide drivers and workers in the field or on the road with the insight for maximum productivity
  • Meet your unique mobile strategy needs with highly configurable integration tools and services

Web Products

Flexibility and convenience aren't a nice to have. They're a must to operate successfully. Benefit from our web-based products anywhere, anytime.

  • Instant access to routes, maps, and driving directions online without the need to purchase, install, or maintain desktop software
  • Empower your team with cost-effective, powerful solutions they can use on the road or in the office
  • Simple and quick to deploy with updates provided automatically online

Web APIs

Transform your applications and achieve new IT possibilities with our innovative, customizable development platforms.

Build Your Own Solutions
  • Quickly and cost-effectively create web applications, mobile apps, or desktop products with minimal effort
  • Build applications to track and monitor assets, interactively plan and modify routes, visualize quantitative data and perform route analysis visualization for compliance
  • Generate routes, maps and driving directions online without the need to purchase, install or maintain computer software